We uphold high Service Standards for your Guests

Including the personal touches that make your guests feel welcome and “at home”.
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We do all the work - You receive the Income!

AirBnB and short term rentals offer many of the luxuries of hotels in combination with a lot of the comfort and personal touches that give a much more homely feel. These properties are available for nightly, weekly or monthly stays.
We specialise in the management of fully furnished, Airbnb properties here in Hawke’s Bay and our service has been designed to maximise your return, while maintaining your property and taking care of your guests.

Three main levels of care available - all customisable

Every property and every client will have different requirements – we’ll develop a plan just for you.
You want to take care of some aspects, but need some help in keeping up.
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The Main Deal
We take care of your property and your guests.
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The Full Monty
Everything from Furnishing your property for renting out, to setting up your AirBnB account and managing your calendar.
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We needed a solution that is flexible and usable, and iMade had the best value proposition for us. It makes us faster, more efficient and more accurate.
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